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Can i really lose weight for real

Can i really lose weight for real


NSVs –

Just had to share a few NSVs that have recently happened.

First one – went on holiday and on the day I was due to leave, I was packing (don’t slag me off for packing so late) and my shorts that I bought 4 weeks earlier were hanging off me and looked ridiculous. Cue mad panic rush to shops to buy new shorts! Normally it has been the other way round ie stuff is too small rather than being too big! This losing weight stuff means constant clothes shopping!

Second one – got my engagement ring resized as it was beginning to feel like i was going to lose it. 2 and a half sixes smaller!

Last one (not sure if this qualifies as NSV)- I have now lost the equivalent weight of my dog (22kg) which is a nice reminder of how far I have come since the end of March 2019.

On 72kg right now, still losing inches but not necessarily weight due to my training programme but that’s fine with me.

Entering off season so will see how I keep this up and whether I can lose those last 5 kgs and get my abs back as I’m starting to get lil cuts by my ribs. Sad how excited I am by that!

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