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Can i really lose weight for real

Can i really lose weight for real

NSV- scale stall but clothes feel loose, plus how I did it.


NSV- scale stall but clothes feel loose, plus how I did it.

F, Age: 25, Height: 5’4″, Weight: 255 ish

The scale has not budged for a month. I started weight lifting and making better food choices and I thought the scale would prove it. So far it hasn’t. Still stuck around 255. However, I’m still working out and making better food choices than I used to.

Well I thought maybe I need to make a nother change today. Then I put on my go to outfit t-shirt and shorts. In mid July my thighs filled the shorts. Now it’s like where did those thighs go? There is so much room in these. My shorts have felt kinda loose around my waist for awhile but now I NEED to use a belt.

My t-shirt is an XL and at that same mid July time I was able to just squeeze into it. That made me proud because previously men’s 2X is what I wore to hide my body. When I put on the XL it didn’t hug my stomach the same way it used to!! There’s room for me to move in it! I’m not ready to go down to a size L quite yet but it’s on the horizon!

I have been kicking myself over the scale BUT I DIDNT LET IT STOP ME FROM STAYING ON MY PATH!!! I’m gonna keep it up.

If anyone is wondering what my routine is I go to a gym and take advantage of the classes they offer, this isn’t a must for everyone but I appreciate the guidance of instruction.

I take 1-3 pump classes, 1-3 WODUjam classes, and 2-4 aquatic aerobics classes a week at my gym along with 2 days I lift weights. I determine how I lift depending on how my bodies feeling in combination with my classes. The numbers vary depending on my work schedule but I try to to do something active 5 days a week. If I’m not in the gym then I’ll take a a walk in the park for 1-2 hrs.

For my diet I started out with IF (16:8, then 20:4 with 24-72hr fasts every couple weeks) and that helped me lose my first 30 lbs. Im not as strick with IF anymore since I’ve been focused more on CICO. I do try to wait as long as I can before I start eating but if I’m starving at 10 am after a pump class I’m not going to punish myself for having a snack.

I’ve become more intuitive to my bodies needs. I believe the IF did help me cut my sugar cravings because during my feeding window I wanted to prioritize healthier, whole food options. I still practice this.

Sorry for the long post, was really excited to see results in other ways and wanted to share what got me here. Stay strong in your journeys! We will get those goals.

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