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Can i really lose weight for real

Can i really lose weight for real


Need some tips

I’ve been doing intermittent fasting for a month or so. I find it helps me avoid snacking because I have to tell myself, “no more food until tomorrow”.

Also, only buy healthy food. Lots of veggies and some good protein and fats. Get rid of the unhealthy stuff in your house. That way when the cravings come, you can eat healthy stuff if you’re hungry, but not mindlessly eating sugar.

I’m sure there’s good resources on the web about emotional eating. Maybe figure out in advance what you’ll do when the sads hit, so you’re prepared. Find yourself some non-food rewards / comforts so you can change your habits.

This is stuff we all have to deal with, including lots of skinny folk. Maybe it’s a blessing in disguise that we get to deal with it now on our journey to better health. Keep at it. It’s ok to fail, because you learn more about yourself. Just keep picking yourself up and continuing on.

Oh, and don’t forget to chat to your physician. We’re good for support but don’t replace us with professional advice 🙂

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