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Can i really lose weight for real

Can i really lose weight for real

Joint pain getting worse despite weight loss. What to do?


Joint pain getting worse despite weight loss. What to do?

I’ve had awful, awful joint pain (both ankles; knees; hips; more recently, left shoulder, wrists, and hands) for years. Since I was five, so nearly two decades.

Problem is, no doctor has ever taken me seriously. I’ve always been overweight, so that’s what my joint pain was attributed to (yes, even the shoulder, wrist and hand pain, somehow). So I decided to do what’s best for my health and lose some weight, hoping that it would also help to reduce my joint pain. I’ve lost just over 30lb since the beginning of the year and plan to lose another 50lb. I know, losing less than half of your excess weight isn’t going to make your pain magically disappear– but I expected it would at least help. Instead, my joint pain is worse now than it has ever been. I’m in absolute agony every day.

The doctor is still saying it’s my weight. I’ve pointed out that I’ve lost and am continuing to lose weight and my pain is getting worse, but I’m just fobbed off with prescriptions for painkillers and antidepressants, neither of which I’m willing to take.

What am I meant to do? Any and all suggestions appreciated.

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