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Can i really lose weight for real

Can i really lose weight for real

Hit my first goal of 199lbs today! 50lbs down


Hit my first goal of 199lbs today! 50lbs down

After hitting my mid-goal, I decided to post about my progress so far: progress pic 1 progress pic 2

I decided to start losing weight end of April. I always have been a confident person, so I feel it took me a long time to admit to myself that I am unhappy. I always have been big but slowly gained more and more especially since taking office jobs for the last 4 years until I reached my highest (or I guess it is, I hardly weighted myself ever) this April at 250 lbs @ 5’7 height (BMI 37.4).

Luckily my sister made me download reddit just months before and I found this community. I really think it had a big impact on my journey so far. I set my goal at 165 lb and gave myself 14 months – until my 30th birthday. I also had a mid-term goal: 199 lbs, which also means for me a BMI of 29.8 so not obese anymore. This week after 4.5 months of fasting and losing 50lbs I hit that goal!

Not saying it works for everyone, but this is how I did it: First I started with CICO only aiming at 1,200kcal per day (even though there were more days at 1,300-1,600). I bought a scale, that I could link via app to my phone, so I could track progress daily every morning and use NOOM to track all my calories. Also measure your waist! You quickly realise that most things are not worth the calories you’re eating. If you don’t want to end up super hungry carbs are not your friend. 1200isplenty gave me great inspiration. At work I always opted in for the salad bar instead of the warm meal like I used to before (no oil dressing). I swapped latte to black coffee and focused on oven baked chicken and steamed veg for dinner – and another really big change: no more beer, hardly wine and if going out just vodka, lime & soda. It took about two months until I didn’t feel like I’m missing out when I was at restaurants with friends (I basically always ordered chicken salad or the next best thing, doesn’t matter where we would eat out). I added in MCT oil for breakfast and this helped me a lot in the first two months (not sure if that was placebo).

After two months I felt really like I gotten the hang of it, so I tried IF as many here got amazing results. It really wasn’t for me. I felt constantly low energy, cold and it enabled my binge eating a lot – I have no problems eating 3000 kcal at once, so it felt like I have 4 days of 600kcal and then 2 days of 3000 each and it just didn’t work for my lifestyle. After three weeks I swapped back with minimum 1,200 kcal / day. I also got gastritis one week (drinking loads of aspirin due to flu, and my new diet was very acid heavy but no oil – now I try to be more balanced…still learning to listen to my body, which is the most important thing on this journey).

In August I felt good again and started going to the gym. I have a 5-day mountain trekking trip planned in October, so this was my motivation. I can only recommend signing up to something physical that you couldn’t do right now, and it will give you the motivation to hit the gym. I decided for classes: body pump once a week and twice a week yoga. I really fell in love with yoga as well (wish I could say the same about body pump).

After the first two months my weight loss slowed down and at first it felt like I am not losing weight at all – which wasn’t true, it was still at a healthy rate of 1-2 lbs per week but bc I lost so much before I didn’t see it and every fluctuation was demotivating. Having the app here really helped. I started to look at weekly and monthly progress and felt much better. Also, personally I felt that the gym slowed my weight loss down but then I could see my waist shrinking which helped for motivation as well. And finally, as mentioned above reddit also had a huge impact on keeping my motivation going. Everyday for the last 4.5 months I looked at progress pic and read through everyone’s stories. I literally became obsessed and bc I don’t want to talk with my friends about me trying to lose weight this here really really kept me going.

I feel A LOT better now thanks to all of you here and feel like slowly but surely I can actually achieve my end goal (I still have 9 months as well so I might even aim for 150lbs but I’ll decide that later)! Thanks x

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