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Can i really lose weight for real

Can i really lose weight for real

A tip to take the control back from food


A tip to take the control back from food

This tip is basically a way to get back the control over food instead of it controlling you. Of course, it might work or might not work for you; we are all unique individuals.

Basically, when you are dieting, and you feel strong and determined, the scale will often show you positive results over time. Right? You have a goal and stick to it for some time, everything good so far. But sooner or later you stop with this diet and somehow gain weight again, even though you were in “maintain” mode. Or, perhaps you never have been overweight at all but still have difficulties not eating something you are not “supposed” to eat at that moment.

If this sounds familiar to you, keep reading. In my opinion, this happens because when we feel like having a snack, we take it directly and eat it. The food is calling you, and you obediently comply. Now, instead of immediately going to your kitchen to fetch the goods, try to tell yourself, “No, I will get it in 5 or 10 minutes.” This way, you are the one deciding (consciously) to take it and when. Even better would be to plan your little snack time ahead of this moment. Just by doing this, you will feel more empowered and will become more disciplined.

So, the next time you are lying on the couch, and its 9 in the evening, make sure that when you get your snack, it is planned and not because of the spontaneous cravings, even when it’s 5 minutes later than those cravings. By doing this, I have become more mindful about myself and have been able to get more control over food instead of the other way around. I hope this will help others too!

Does anyone have experience with this, or does it make sense at all?

Stay strong!

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