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Can i really lose weight for real

Can i really lose weight for real

30 Day Accountability Challenge – Day 14


30 Day Accountability Challenge – Day 14

Fourteen days already ….

  1. Daily weight: 180.8 lbs; trend 180.4 lbs (goal: 175 to 178)

  2. Eat an apple every day: done (14/14; goal 30 days out of 30)

  3. Treadmill run or walk: ran outside today, at 7am – tough workout but happy with the pace (13/14; goal minimum 27 days out of 30)

  4. Stretching done (14/14; goal: goal minimum 27 days out of 30).

  5. Spanish lesson done (13/14; goal 30 days out of 30)

I worked a lot in our yard today, removing sods to make a path. Tomorrow, I plan to skip the treadmill run/walk as I know my body will need some rest. Now, I’m a bit weird in that I wear both a Garmin (running watch, which I got about 3 weeks ago) and a Fitbit, which I bought about a year ago: I find that the Fitbit gives me much more reliable information about sleep pattern (and occasional deficit) than the Garmin. According to my Fitbit, with less than 3 hours to go for today, I supposedly burded close to 4000 calories today. According to my Garmin, it is getting close (but still below) 3000 calories. 1000 calories difference folks!! So … if you wear some device that measures your calorie expenditure, be extremely skeptical of what it tells you, and do not plan your food consumption strictly based on what it tells you.

Reflecting about the week. I was a bit bummed out this morning when I saw that my weight was only 0.4 lbs below what I saw 7 days ago, and I thought that this week had been pretty much a plateau. Then, I looked at the average weight of the first 7 days of this challenge (182.9 lbs) and the average of this past 7 days (181 lbs): almost 2 lbs down. My takeaway: beware focusing on single day weight measurements, and look at what happens for either the trend, or the average, from week to week. Of course, to get reliable data, I will continue to weigh myself everyday – but use them only to be able to look at the trend.

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